To some people, drug addiction isn’t a disease. They just don’t understand how there could possibly be a physical or mental dependence on a certain substance. Many believe that drug users and abusers are simply immoral people who could stop doing drugs whenever they want, they just choose not to. Nothing could be further from the truth. Drug addiction and abuse is very complex and it most certainly is a disease. But like any disease, it can be treated and overcome with the correct treatment. Breakthrough in modern science have given us much more information on the brain and how drugs take control of a person. We now know that quitting is so difficult because drugs can actually work their way into the brain’s communication system and they can imitate the chemical messengers found naturally found in the body.

Addiction itself can be a disease regardless of the substance. Addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disease that causes drug seeking habits and use regardless of how dangerous and harmful a substance can be. This essentially makes a person’s drug use involuntary and that is when serious physical and mental health issues arise.

Thanks to advancements in modern medicine there are treatments available that seem to be working. Combining therapy sessions with newly discovered treatment medications seems to have a positive effect on most patients. Programs such as Alcohol Treatment Pensacola have put together many different, but effective programs to combat addiction. Since drugs affect everyone differently, most programs need to be tailored for that specific user. Most people believe that relapse indicates a failure in the treatment program. Really it just means that the treatment should be adjusted and reinstated in order to give that person the best chance at sobriety.

Treating a drug addiction with rehab is by far the best method. Serious addiction means that going cold turkey is just not an option. For people who have addictions to hard drugs such as heroin, opiates, or cocaine, going cold turkey may actually be more harmful as the symptoms involved with a rapid detox are not pleasant. Research on the brains of addicts show that the areas of the brain that control decision making, judgment, learning and memory are severely affected, thus going cold turkey is usually not possible.


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